The Harlow Alliance Party was formed in January 2018 by residents living in the Harlow area. We provide an independent voice for people that live in the area.  We believe that on local issues, local people should decide without national political party influence.

You might have thought that having written only last month about Epping Forest DC (EFDC’s) response to the ONS predictions
Below is the letter that was recently sent by HAP to the Government Inspector of the EFDC plan. The Government
As part of the Trust's plans to build a brand new hospital on a greenfield site by 2025, they are
In 2018 both Labour and Conservative Councillors agreed to build 16 houses on the area between these two estates despite
Despite the huge reduction shown in the latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics about the number of new
A letter sent to Epping Forest DC on 14 July and  to Harlow DC on 17 July by the Independent
What is it? This forms part of the Local Plans of Harlow DC (HDC), East Herts DC (EHDC) and Epping
One of the outcomes of the recent survey carried out by The Harlow Alliance Party was that the vast majority
Harlow Council’s Local Plan requires house builders to provide 30% of their new homes as ‘affordable'  in the hope that
Applications made by members of the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) and residents living across the town have now seen nine