Epping Forest Local Plan – More Details

Areas affected Within Harlow

For the benefit of Harlow residents the Harlow Alliance Party has annotated the maps of the proposed housing developments  published in the Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) local plan.  We have highlighted the areas within Harlow that border onto the proposed developments so that Harlow residents can more clearly see the impact.

If you live in Radburn Close, Corner Meadow, Hawthorns, Gibb Croft, Sibney Green, Spruce Hill, Berecroft or Rye Hill Road you will be bordering onto the proposed EFDC Latton Priory development.

If you live in Silvesters, Heighams, Red Willow, Little Cattins, Taylifers, Hull Grove, Archers or Savoy Wood you will be bordering onto the proposed EFDC Water Lane development.

Latton Priory Development

Latton Priory

Water Lane (North) Development

Water Lane North

Water Lane (South) Development

Water Lane South

Harlow Alliance Party Launches

It’s good news for the residents of Harlow as the Harlow Alliance Party officially launched on January 26th 2018!

The Harlow Alliance Party believes that on local issues, locals should decide without national party political influence.

Party leader Nicholas Taylor said

“Harlow Council’s record when it comes to public consultation leaves a lot to be desired and in many cases involves information giving rather than consultation.  In addition, the forums which the council use are very much tenant based rather than resident based and the number of people involved in the whole process is very small.

The Harlow Alliance Party will endeavour to ensure that Harlow Council carries out proper and meaningful consultations with all residents prior to making decisions which affect those residents lives.”