Essex County Elections


The only time many residents see or hear from a Councilor is when an election is due.

It’s time for change, vote for someone who is not tied to the politics of Westminster, someone who puts the interests of Harlow residents first and someone who continues to be seen and heard for years to come.

Nicholas Taylor and Alan Leverett


There is overwhelming support for keeping libraries open. Many want to see other community based services provided within libraries, sharing with Essex County Council the cost involved in maintaining the building etc. This practice is widespread across the county and one which Harlow Alliance will endeavour to ensure Harlow Council take up, providing access to some of it’s services at libraries in the neighbourhood shopping centres.

Harlow Staple Tye


Pot holes not only lead to damage to vehicles and in some cases injury to residents but they give the impression of a run-down town. Closely linked to this is the number of damaged or partly missing road signs on roundabouts and damaged railings alongside roads.

Harlow needs greater investment in it’s roads both in terms of repair and junction improvements as part of the “regeneration” of the town. Harlow Alliance will press ECC to give Harlow a higher priority when distributing money for roads, paths and cycletrack repairs and other improvement works.

Civic Amenity Site (The Tip!)

The rapid increase in the number of homes in the area (many thousands will not even be in Essex) together with Covid restrictions has highlighted the need for a larger tip site and one that is more accessable. Harlow Alliance will seek to get these issues addressed and in the meantime seek to get a booking system introduced. New amenity sites such as the one at Ware show just what can be achieved!

The newly opened Ware Recycling Centre

Harlow needs a Northern and Southern by-pass

Those of us who live in Harlow know only to well that what Harlow really needs are by-passes to the North and South of the town. Instead of this, Essex County Council intend to build more roads leading into and out of the town, without giving any long term committeemen to improve the roads within it.

In the meantime, with the building of more warehouses and staff taking up occupation of the new Public Health England campus, thousands more lorry and car journeys will be taken causing even more damage to the towns crumbling roads.

Harlow Alliance are the only Party committed to seeking the building of a ring road around the town

Who needs a bypass?