Jerry Crawford

I moved to Harlow with my wife and 2 children in 1995. On leaving school I joined the Metropolitan Police Force via the Police Cadet corps. I served for 9.5 years attaining the rank of sergeant. I then worked in the Service Industry for 25 years finishing my career as a Regional Contracts Manager within the contract cleaning industry. Having taken early retirement, I then became a Primary School Teaching Assistant for 3 years at Little Parndon school.

Having finally retired at 60 I stated getting interested in Local Government politics, as well as National Government policy and decision making. I soon came to realise that elected parties whether at local or national level, seemed to become less and less interested in the electorate and more in their own vested interests.

Our local Council continually fail to hold open and proper consultation with the people of Harlow; on matters of real importance that will impact on our daily lives. For this reason, I firmly believe that now is the correct time, to help create a new Political Party that puts the needs and interests of the people of Harlow first.

The Party’s aim is to be the voice of the people of Harlow, and to create a better, safer community that is inclusive to all.