Nicholas Taylor

I moved to Harlow in 1956 and attended Little Parndon and Burnt Mill School. In February 1970 I commenced work in the Housing Service of the Harlow Development Corporation and transferred to Harlow Council when it took over their housing stock. I subsequently became  the Area Housing Manager at the Stow Housing Office and then the Neighbourhood Manager at Bush Fair and Potter Street. I left Harlow in 2000 and became the Area Housing Manager for the north district at Epping Forest District from where I retired in 2013.

I am only too aware that many residents feel let down by Harlow Council. One only has to take a look around the town to see evidence of this, poorly maintained council homes, run down garage areas, estates that are desperately in need of more parking areas, flat blocks without bin storage areas, congested roads and a town centre which is long overdue being redeveloped to see why residents feel the way they do..

I believe that Harlow Council have made numerous poor decisions about what it will do and how it goes about it. The Government are placing intolerable pressure on all Local Authorities to build ever more homes in their District. With the prospect of thousands of new homes having to be built in and around Harlow, I feel the time has come when a new polical party in Harlow is desperatly needed. The Harlow Alliance Party are committed to carrying out full and proper consultations with residents on all issues which will affect them.