Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) reflect on the outcome of the local elections.

There is no doubt that few if any of those who were in the Leisurezone late on Thursday evening could ever have predicted the outcome of the elections just a few hours later.

Our Party would like to thank all those residents who voted for HAP and congratulate the Conservative Party for their victory in the elections at both Harlow Council and Essex County Council.

But now comes the hard work, meeting the commitments made during the election campaign, changing Labour’s plan for the future of the town and showing that both Parties are not just the same, heard so often on the doorstep from those who no longer vote.

For far to long, the Labour Party and Harlow Council have failed to engage with residents, the former never listened to residents simply because they never asked. The debacle of the empty flats at Prentice Place and ripping up parts of Market Square again should all give clues as to why so many residents turned their backs on Labour

The Harlow Alliance Party will continue to scrutinise Councillors on Harlow Council, just that from now on it will be of Conservative Councillors.