Jobs and Business

In 2016 small and medium sized businesses accounted for 99.9% of all private sector business in the UK, employing some 15.7 million people which represents 60% of all private sector employment.

The Harlow Alliance Party recognises the talents and aspirations of individuals of all ages who want to ‘go it alone’ and to grow their own business. We believe support and assistance should be given to help people achieve their goals.

There is no doubt that the general state of disrepair evident throughout the town is detrimental to existing businesses and to anyone thinking of relocating to Harlow.

Common complaints from this sector include high business rates, lack of services provided for these rates, the effect of large out of town retail parks built to the detriment of shops in other locations, parking charges and poorly maintained premises by landlords.

The Harlow Alliance Party will promote:

  • A clear initiative to specifically designate space in the Town Centre to showcase the creativity and vision of Harlow’s present and future entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehensive improvements to the appearance of the industrial and service areas within the town, including the renewal of road signs, bollards and fences.
  • A change to car parking fees at Council owned car parks.
  • Introduction of a comprehensive repairs and painting programme of the Council owned shopping hatches and other premises in the town.
  • Planning policies that encourage the opening of shops in the Town Centre rather than in retail parks.