Quiz #1

Quiz one week beginning 23 March

1 Which famous British sports car was launched in 1961?

2 Who became the leader of the Tory Party leader on July 27th 1965?

3 Which country launched the first man made object into space in 1957?

4 Who was the first British footballer to cost £1 million?

5 Who was kidnapped in Beirut in January 1987?

6 Where did riots occur in London on 4 April 1981?

7 What country was invaded in August 1990 which started the Gulf War?

8 Who had a string of hits with Robson Green in 1995?

9 What long running film series started in 2001?

10 In what year did our queen celebrate her diamond jubilee?

11 What was the name of the album released by Adele in 2008?

13 How many laps in the Indianapolis 500?

14 How many innings are there in a baseball game?

15 Where was Live Aid held on 7 July 1985?

16 Name car that was built in Northern Ireland that went bust in 1982?

17 Which famous aircraft was unveiled at Farnborough in 1966?

18 In which decade did the Morris 1000 first appear?

19 Which Derby winning horse was kidnapped in 1983?

20 John Steel and Emma Peel were known as what?

21 What is the name of the highest female voice?

22 Who was Simon Templar better known as?

23 In which decade did the Profumo affair take place?

24 What event took place at a UK seaside town on 12 Oct 1984?

25 What did the Queen agree to pay in 1992?

26 In the zodiac, what is the symbol for Aries?

27 Which country is north of North Island, New Zealand?

28 Which country uses more electricity, China or the USA?

29 In what year was Mount Everest first climbed?

30 The Wailers backed which music legend?

31 Which birds eye is bigger than it’s brain?

32 Which is furthest North, Stoke or Gt Yarmouth?

33 Has croquet ever been an Olympic sport?

34 Where is the UCL based?

35 ‘Live forever’ was which bands first top ten hit?

36 Where is the ‘home of golf’?

37 What was Alvin Stardust’s real name?

38 What place was bombed on Dec 7 1941?

39 In which country was Alexandra Graham Bell born?

40 Which county borders Cornwall and Somerset?