Quiz #10

Quiz number 10 … week beginning 25 May

1 In the film Shrek, who voiced the part of Shrek?

2 In what year was Cilla Black born?

3 How long is the Suez Canal?

                    40 miles                  120 miles                150 miles

4 In what year was Selfridge & Co founded?

                    1898                       1908                       1918

5 What item of clothing is an obi?

6 Which world river discharges the most water?

7 Which European flag has a chequerboard of red and white?

8 What is the largest country in the Caribbean?

9 Columbia has the second largest number of Spanish speakers, which country has the first?

10 In what year did a man first go into orbit?

11 Gulf Air is the flag-carryier airline of which nation?

12 In what year was the UN founded?

13 What colour of tea is ‘English Breakfast Tea?

14 In what year did London host it’s second Olympic games?

15 In what year was The Big Mac introduced to the world?

                    1958                       1963                       1968

16 What are the two main colours on the Spanish flag?

17 In golf what is a “toe”?

18 What year did Tony Blair become Prime Minister?

19 By what nickname is Elle Macpherson known?

20 What colour is the inside of a coconut?

21 What is the major religion of India?

22 How long did the Industrial Revolution last?

20 years                                     50 years                                     70 years      

23 The M40 runs from London to which other city?

24 Which London palace has a maze?

25 How many Oscars has Tom Cruise won?

26 Which UK monarch was the first to be photographed?

27 What was the name of the celtic tribe in Scotland?

28 Name one of the two landlocked countries in South America?

29 What year did the Wall Street Crash occur?

30 By which Scotish Islands is Scarpa Flow?

31 Which country did footballer Eusabio play for?

32 What year did Lord Lucan disappear?

33 How many locks are there on the Suez Canal?

34 What city in the UK is known as the Athens of the North?

35 Where did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp?

Skegness                                    Minehead                          Bognor Regis

36 Where did Christopher Columbus come from?

37 When did Bjorn Borg win his last Wimbledon title?

          1976                                 1980                                 1984

38 What was the Rolling Stones first top 20 hit?

39 With which sport do you associate Graeme Dott?

40 What was the name of Clive Sinclairs electric trike?