Quiz #5

Quiz five week beginning 20 April

Round 1 …… Pot luck

1 What was the name of the British Votes for Women organisation formed in 1903 called?

2 In which comedy series did ‘The Fonz’ play a lead part?

3 Who was the Prime Minister of the UK when it joined the Common Market?

4 What type of boat has wings called foiles?

5 Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals in the English Premiership?

6 Which famous British female criminal was featured in the film ‘Dance with a stranger?

7 What country is Beirut the capital of?

8 For what was Australian Nellie Melba famous for?

9 What is removed from dehydrated food?

10 What method of healing involves inserting needles in the body?

11 What is the name for the tissue which connects bones?

12 Who painted ‘The Last Supper’ in around 1495?

13 Where would you find stigma, carpels and sepals?

14 What does a barometer measure?

15 Which British horse racing course is the largest in the world?

16 What name is given to a horse which is less than 4 years old?

17 What is produced by a solar cell?

18 What country borders, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Equador?

19 Which seabird did sailors think it was bad luck to kill?

20 If an engineer is measuring a moving objects RPM what is being checked?

21 Which famous model played the leading lady in the film ‘The Boy Friend’?

22 Which fungus is used to make bread, beer and wine?

For a bonus point what is ‘the link’ between these 22 answers?

Round two ……. History

1 What was a Roman soldier in charge of 100 men called?

2 What was the name of the ship on which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed in 1620?

3 What was Chopin’s christian name Frederic or Franz?

4 What was the title of the heir to the French throne, Delphine or Dauphin?

5 Isobel Peron was the President of which country?

6 What was Iran called until 1935, Persia or Abyssinia?

7 Where were the Elgin Marbles brought from, Greece or Egypt?

8 In the UK what was a 21 shilling coin called?

Round three ……….. Sport/pastimes

1 Which is longer, a baseball bat or a tennis racket?

2 What ball usually has 3 holes and weighs a maximum of 16 pounds?

3 In what game do you use a tolley?

4 For what sport is Michael Jordan famous?

5 In which sport is the Wightman Cup played for?

6 Who was the first unseeded man to win Wimbledon?

7 Where were the 1992 Olympics held?

8 Which Stanley retired from football at the age of 50?