Quiz #6

Quiz six … week beginning 27 April

Round one ……. Around Britain

1 Arthurs Seat provides panoramic views of which British city?

2 Which London concert venue was opened by Queen Victorai in 1871?

3 In which city were the bands The Stone Roses and The Smiths formed?

4 Where would you find Britains only natural thermal spa?

5 What’s the name of the waterway that divides the Isle of Wight from England?

6 Where in Cornwall is the most southerly point of the UK?

7 Where in London was the original Poets Corner?

8 Which is furthest north Hoddesdon or Clacton?

9 What is the area around Stoke on Trent known as?

10 How many square miles is the City of London?

Round two ………. Pot luck

1 What is the term in cricket where no runs are scored in an over?

2 Which Turner Prize-winning artist has an alter ego called Claire?

3 What is the name of the hats worn by guards at Buckingham Palace?

4 Which childrens author wrote the screenplay of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

5 Which animal is it considered lucky to refer to before saying anything else on the first day of the month?

6 The name of which sauce is the same as the first two letters of all postcodes in Hemel Hempstead?

7 What is the name of the pouch worn by scotsmen in front of their kilts?

8 Where were the 1984 Olympic Games held?

9 How many notes are there in an Octave?

10 What is the outer layer of skin called?

Round three …….. T/V

1 Who hosted the popular game show Blockbusters?

2 Who played Lord Melchett in the comedy series Blackadder ll?

3 Which 1980’s police drama starred William Shatner?

4 What was the name of Super Ted’s sidekick?

5 Which super hero was Diana Prince better known as?

6 Which childrens series featured Spectrum and Colonel White?

7 Which show ended ruefully ‘Bye Bye, everybody, bye bye?

8 What was the registration number of Lady Penelope’s Rolls Royce?

9 In ‘my friend Flicka’ who or what was Flicka?

10 In which Australian city is ‘Neighbours’ set?

Round four ……… sport (sorry!)

1 Which county cricket team was captained by Grahame Gooch?

2 In which sport did Maria Bueno excel?

3 In which sport is the Webber Cup played for between Europe and the USA?

4 Which country did boxer Lennox Lewis represent at the Olympics?

5 Who are presently top of English football’s Championship League?

6 Who became a world snooker champion wearing ’upside-down’ glasses?

7 In golf, which Sandy won the 1988 US Masters?

8 Who fought back from cancer to win the Grand National?

9 Which country does motor racings Nelson Piquet hail from?

10 In which sport did Tessa Sanderson compete in?