Quiz #8

Quiz eight week beginning 11 May

Round one ………….. Pot Luck

1 How many sides did an old threepenny bit have?

2 In what year was the Suez crisis?

3 Which is the first country in Europe alphabetically?

4 What appeared on UK roads for the first time in 1914?

5 Who had Britains first Eurovision win?

6 How many tarot cards are there?

7 Who said ‘Most Britains have never had it so good’?

8 How many tentacles does a squid have?

9 In monopoly, how much money do players start with?

10 In what year were the Olympic games held in Berlin?

Round two ………. Food and Drink

1 Rakia is what type of drink?

2 From what is the chinese staple Hoi-sauce made?

3 What nationality is the lager giant Grolsch?

4 Which chain of chicken restaurents was founded in South Africa in 1987?

5 If bread is left to ‘prove’ what does it do?

6 Passata is pureed what?

7 What herb is usually used in pesto sauce?

8 What spice is used in a whisky sling?

9 When would antipasto be served?

10 What is chanterelle?

Round three ………….. Around the world

1 In which county is Carlisle Castle?

2 Which is furthest north, Egypt or the Phillippines?

3 What is the official language of Uganda?

4 San Marino is completely surrounded by what other country?

5 Fiji is considered to be part of which continent?

6 The WW1 Battle of Ypres  took place in which country?

7 What is the capital of Hungary?

8 Which country lies immediately east of Iraq?

9 Corona beer comes from which country?

10 What type of venue is the Liverpool  Empire?

Round four ………………..  T/V and film

1 Who played Sam in the T/V comedy series ‘Cheers’?

2 How many ‘Roads to …’     films were made?

3 ‘Just one more thing’ was the catchphrase of which detective?

4 In ‘Rising damp’ what was the name of Rigsby’s cat?

5 Which was the first ‘Carry On’ film?

6 What was the name of the school in ‘Please sir’?

7 In which year did  ITV start broadcasting?

8 Which comedy series married David Jason and Gwen Taylor?

9 In which city was Taggart  set?

10 Where did ‘The Munsters’ keep their telephone?