2019 Local Elections

The Party made significant gains in the number of votes it received in the four Wards which it contested at yesterday’s Local Elections.

Party leader Nicholas Taylor reflected on the hard work undertaken by Party members and volunteers in the last month. He said that whilst the Party did not win any seats this time, the increase in the number of votes and the reaction of the other Parties to our campaign clearly indicated that the campaign was a success and lessons will be learnt from 2019 which will be taken forward into 2020.

He went on to say that the total of 1333 votes across the four Wards showed that the Party’s message was resonating with many residents across the town and he thanked them for their support.

The results are as follows:

Great Parndon
Harlow Alliance 416
Conservative 681
Labour 388

Sumners and Kingsmoor
Harlow Alliance 405
Conservative 578
Labour 429

Old Harlow
Harlow Alliance 311
Conservative 969
Labour 569

Harlow Common
Harlow Alliance 201
Conservative 381
Labour 647
UKIP 294