Answers to Quiz #3

Quiz week three commencing 6 April

Round One ….. Pot luck

1 How many aircraft feature in a Red Arrow Display?

2 What is the most common pub name in Britain?
The Red Lion

3 On which night of the year would you eat parkin, a molasses-rich gingerbread from Yorkshire?
Guy Fawkes night

4 Which department store has the slogan ‘ Never knowingly undersold?
John Lewis

5 What is the distinctly British pastime of campanology?
Bell ringing

6 What is the name for a small British village without a church?
A Hamlet

7 Place the following British titles in order of seniority (low to high)

    Viscount            Earl            Duke

8 When a scout says dyb, dyb, dyb, what does dyb mean?
Do your best

Round two ….. Sport

1 Who scored the winning drop goal in the 2003 Rugby world cup final?
Jonny Wilkinson

2 Which football team plays at ‘The Stadium of Light’?

3 In basketball, a shot made outside the arc is worth how many points?

4 What are four consecutive strikes in tenpin bowling known as?
A four bagger

5 In darts what is the maximum check out score?

6 In speedway racing how many laps of a track does a race consist of?

7 Is an own goal allowed for in the rules of hockey?

8 In which country is this years Ryder Cup due to be held?

Round three ….. Around Britain

1 The skyscraper at 32 London Bridge, London is known as what?
The Shard

2 Which popular seaside resort is referred as London-by-the-Sea?

3 In which county is the PM’s country residence ‘Chequers’?

4 Which is Englands largest National Park?
The Lake District

5 Which UK seaside town has 3 piers one of which houses a Venetian Carousel?

6 Which Scotish castle affords a location for spotting the Loch Ness Monster?

7 From which British city did the 2014 Tour de France start?

8 Where would you be if your geographical coordinates were 0 Longitude and 51 Latitude?

Round four ….. T/V and film

1 Which British sitcom stars Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird and Paul Ritter?
Friday night dinner

2 In which North East City was ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ set?

3 Name one of the worlds top three watched films in 2019.
Avengers, end game The LIon King Frozen 2

      Give yourself a point because these are the most watched films of 2019

4 Which superhero works at the Daily Bugle

5 The plot of which James Bond film features a stolen Faberge egg?

6 Which US singer played Von Ryan in ‘Von Ryans Express’?
Frank Sinatra

7 Where were the characters in ‘Porridge’ kept?
Slade Prison

8 Who was told ‘it aint half hot’ in a 1980’s sitcom?