Quiz #4

Quiz number four Week commencing 13 April

Round one ….. Where would I be in the world?

1 Located in Kent, Thomas Becket was murdered here.

2 The most visited city park (of 843 acres) in the USA, containing a zoo.

3 It was formed in 1962, situated on Merritt Island, Florida.

4 Stands on four legs, weighs 6,400 tonnes, built in 1889.

5 In the foothills of the Pyrenees, a major site for pilgrimage.

6 Cost £70 million on the banks of the River Thames, 443 feet high.

7 This place name means ‘fragrant harbour’, home for 7 million people.

8 Built in 80 AD, it was capable of seating 50,000 spectators, now a popular tourist attraction.

Round two …… The 1980’s AND 1990’S

1 In which year were pubs allowed to open all day?

2 Who had a hit with ‘Mysterious Girl’ in 1996?

3 Who entered the queens bedroom in 1982?

4 In which year did the word ‘karaoke’ appear?

5 Where did a major disaster occur in 1986?

6 In which year did the first music videao appear on MTV?

7 Which model Kate became the face of L’Oreal in 1998?

8 Who was the US President on 31 December 1999?

Round three …… Food and drink

1 What is the colour of root ginger?

2 What flavour do ratafia biscuits have?

3 Schnapps are distilled from what?

4 Which is the highest quality brandy, AC, RSVP or VSOP?

5 Which herb is usually used in a Pesto sauce?

6 Ciabatta bread originated in which country?

7 All citrus fruits are rich in which vitamin?

8 What is endive?

Round four …. Sport

1 In what sport do players play for the Davis Cup?

2 How old was Lester Piggot when he won his first race, 12, 14 or 16?

3 Which sport did Joe Davis play other than snooker?

4 For which country did rugby player Jonah Lomu play?

5 In which decade was golfer Arnold Palmer most succesful?

6 Gary Lineker has which Churchillian middle name?

7 Baseballs George Ruth had what christian name nickname?

8 In which position did football legend Lev Yashin play?

Round five …. pot luck

1 What does a coracle travel on?

2 What language was spoken by the ancient Romans?

3 Which word means ghosts and strong drinks?

4 How many minutes are there in half a day?

5 Which of dog, fish or rat is not a chinese year?

6 Which was the second country to send a man into space?

7 What is a fox’s tail known as?

8 In which decade did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold