Bush Fair by-election

Behind the scenes Harlow Alliance have been working with residents for several years in the Bush Fair area and are continuing to do so.

St Andrews Meadow

Harlow Alliance successfully objected to the Councils proposal to develop land behind St Andrews Meadow and in due course Harlow Council had to delete this site from any future development plans.

The Party then helped residents seek a Community Right to Bid, which means that if at any time in the future the Council wishes to sell the land, it would first have to offer it to a group of residents.

Bushey Croft Allotment site

Harlow Alliance supported the dozens of residents who objected to the Planning Application for this site. Labour and Conservative were complicit in not advising residents about the status of the land. This enabled the Council to tell the Secretary of State that the Council had not received any objections to changing the land from an allotment site to one that could be developed.

Church Leys green space

As a direct result of what happened at Bushey Croft, residents in Church Leys were concerned that the same thing could happen to an area of land within their estate. Harlow Alliance helped residents seek a Community Right to Bid, which the Council accepted.

St Marks School parking issues

Restricting parking on roads near the school simply pushes the problem elsewhere. Harlow Alliance has supported residents who are seeking alternative solutions, at the heart of which is to keep pupils safe when arriving and leaving school.