Vote Harlow Alliance

The Harlow Alliance Party was formed in January 2018 by residents living in the Harlow area.   We provide an independent voice for people that live in the area. 

We believe that on local issues, local people should decide without national political party influence

Last May the Conservative Party won control of the Council. Since then it has been more of the same, compounding the view of many residents that it does not matter who you vote for, nothing changes. You would be right, it is now time for change.

The Conservative vision for the future of Harlow is similar to that of Labour, creating a Town Centre with hundreds of flats, many in high rise blocks. This vision is not one that Harlow Alliance shares.

The Conservatives claim that they will be building hundreds of new Council houses but will still own less homes than they did in 2012.

The Conservatives are trashing the River Stort valley by voting to allow the building of a new road across it and agreeing to the building of thousands of homes on the Green Belt around Harlow.

The Conservatives continue to follow Labour by failing to consult with residents. In the last six months alone, eight public consultation exercises have taken place, just 185 responses were received by the Council.

There have been numerous occasions when the agendas of Council meetings have run to hundreds of pages which residents find impossible to read and digest.

The reduction in the Harlow Council element of the Council Tax was more than off-set by the rises imposed by the Conservatives controlling Essex County Council, Essex Police and the County Fire and Rescue Service. The reduction of £150 for those in Council tax bands A to D was not something Harlow’s Councillors can take any credit for.

Harlow Alliance candidate Nicholas Taylor is standing in the Great Parndon ward. He was interviewed by Your Harlow and you can watch it HERE.

Harlow Alliance candidate Alan Leverett is standing in the Sumners and Katherines ward. He was interviewed by Your Harlow and you can watch it HERE