Bushey Croft Playing Field Update

Plans to build 16 houses on this site were agreed by Harlow Council at this evenings (August 22nd) meeting of The Development Management Committee.

Residents and their children living around this area and from other similar sites where house building may take place in the future came together before the meeting to demonstrate their opposition to the proposals. A resident living adjacent to the site, Nicholas Taylor the Leader of The Harlow Alliance Party and John Curry from the Harlow Civic Society all spoke against the proposal. They were then followed by Labour Councillor for Bush Fair, Eugenie Harvey and the Councils Agent who spoke in favour of the scheme. Both Labour and Conservative Councillors agreed to accept the Officers proposal to build 16 houses on this site, dismissing the views of the 170 residents who signed a petition objecting to the proposal and the valid points made on the night.

It was made clear by the Labour Councillors who spoke at the meeting that building homes on recreational areas are considered more important than retaining them as open spaces. The Conservative Councillors voted in favour of the proposals as well. It seems clear that when the Council submits Planning Applications for other such sites in the future, as long as they don’t fall foul of planning obligations then Planning Permission will be given.

The Harlow Alliance Party acknowledges the need for more homes to be built in Harlow and believes that Harlow Council should be building bungalows which would help reduce the imbalance between the types of homes needed to those that are available.  We also be believe that these homes should be at Council rent levels and not so called affordable housing rent levels and not on recreational sites.