Epping Forest DC Local Plan update

On Thursday 22 March The Harlow Alliance Party’s Leader and Deputy Leader attended the Hearing being held at Epping Forest DC (EFDC) Civic Offices by the Government appointed Inspector. The day was spent discussing the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. There were a number of key points which were noted:

  • The proposed number of homes to be built at Latton Priory has been increased from 1050 to 1500. Work is likely to be started before the end of 2020.
  • A new road from Latton Priory is likely to be built from the development, leading south towards Thornwood Common where it will join the road which leads to Epping. The roads leading into Harlow will be considered to be secondary roads, which suggests that very little work will be done to increase capacity.
  • Plans for homes west of Sumners are well advanced and work is expected to begin soon after those in Latton Priory are commenced.
  • The plan for a sustainable transport corridor includes a busway in the EFDC Plan but in Harlow’s Plan it is described as a tramway. Where new routes are built they will need to be some 21 feet wide, to allow buses to pass each other.
  • Traffic calming measures will be put in place along Southern Way to deter residents from using this road, in the hope that they will travel along the transport corridors.
  • The Gilston Project Team hope that the cost to park a car in Harlow’s Town Centre will be increased, to deter residents from using their car to get there.
  • EFDC confirmed that they did not carry out any consultation with Harlow residents about these plans.