Market Square refurbishment

Harlow Council are currently holding a consultation exercise on plans to redevelop the Town Centre.  Members of the public are being invited to a series of exhibitions being held across the town in the hope that some sort of consensus of opinion can found. (Click here for more information).

The Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) have been very pleased to note that Harlow Council are now trying to engage with residents and we hope that many will take the opportunity to do so.  However, HAP is greatly concerned that in the meantime Harlow Council’s Regeneration Members have invested the huge sum of £276,007 to refurbish Market Square.  HAP feel that this work is unlikely to revitalise the area or increase footfall and is just a total waste of public money.

HAP feel sure that the introduction of table tennis tables, resurfacing paved areas with chess areas and canopies will not make people use this area any more than they do now and will not attract the right type of activity for residents that are occupying nearby converted offices.

It is scandalous that the Council did not consider holding off any investment until the findings of their consultations were discussed by the Council so that everyone’s views including residents and businesses could be taken into account.

HAP hopes that Harlow Council listens to those businesses and members of the public who take the trouble to respond to the consultation now being undertaken.

HAP believe any plan should enhance the shopping experience in the Town Centre and includes roofing all or part of Broadwalk, the creation of an indoor market and an entertainment and event space and drop off points for shoppers, all of which would increase footfall to the northern end of the Town Centre during the day and in the evenings.

If you have an opinion on this then let us know at

Or telephone us on 07415 806925