Princess Alexandra Hospital needs your help

As part of the Trust’s plans to build a brand new hospital on a greenfield site by 2025, they are undertaking an ambitious engagement plan to make sure they effectively reach everyone who uses, visits or works at the hospital.

At a recent voluntary sector forum held by the communications team a discussion took place about how the Trust can work collaboratively with the hospital team to make sure all our community feel involved in the design and progress of the new hospital, especially our hard to reach and vulnerable groups.

The team would like to know:

  • Whether you would be happy to receive ready-to-use slide decks from time to time so that you could facilitate short, focused engagement with your community groups on the Trusts behalf.
  • Whether you have existing communication channels (such as social media) that you would be happy to recieve updates on the new hospitals progress.
  • Whether there are any particular issues you can foresee from within your community group so the team can plan targeted engagement to help address these concerns.
  • Any other ideas you have to make sure the communication and engagement is regular, effective and inclusive.

For more information please feel free to contact:

You can also follow progress on the hospital microsite and social media: