Quiz #7

Quiz seven …. week beginning 4 May

Round one …… Pot Luck

1 With which sport was Jack Dempsey associated with?

2 What name was given to the girlfriend of an American gangster?

3 What is the Capital of Canada?

4 What type of bird is an eider?

5 In 1999 Prince Edward was created Earl of where?

6 Lady Godiva was said to have ridden naked through which town?

7 What sort of drink is Marsala, cognac or wine?

8 Which number do the letters MD represent in Roman numerals, 1050 or 1500?

9 Who wrote the novel ‘ Gullivers Travels’?

10 Which of these colours is one of the colours of the Olympic rings, white purple, green or brown?

Round two ….. Around the world

1 Which tree appears on the flag of Lebanon, a cedar tree or pine tree?

2 In which country was ‘Hamlet’ set?

3 In which county is Chatsworth House?

4 In which ocean would you find the Java Trench, the Indian or Pacific?

5 In which country is Casablanca?

6 Where would you find the ruins of Carthage, Tunisia or Jordan?

7 Which river runs through the Grand Canyon?

8 In which country would you find the Mountains of Mourne?

9 Minsk is the capital of which country, Lithuania or Belarus?

10 With is furthest west, Basildon or Tiptree?

Round three ……. T/V and film

1 Who starred in the film ‘The Hustler’?

2 Who plays the Commissioner in ‘Death in Paradise’?

3 Who co-starred with Julia Roberts in the film ‘Notting Hill’?

4 What was the name of the camp host in ‘Hi De Hi’?

5 What was Ruth Rendells CI Wexford’s christian name, Reg or Simon?

6 What was the characters name played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1997 film ‘Titanic’?

7 What was the colour of Mr Spock’s blood in Star Trek?

8 In the childrens programme, Rag, Tag and Bobtail, which one was the hedgehog?

9 In which year was the film ‘Jaws’ released, 1970, 1975 or 1980?

10 Who was the long suffering Liverpudlian lorry driver in Only Fools and horses?

Round four …. Yet more pot luck! (It’s better than sport?)

1 Which organ in the body is associated with the word Hapatic?

2 Who was the Greek god of love?

3 From which station in London would you depart from to get to Liverpool?

4 Which is the longest instrument, the bassoon or clarinet?

5 Who was Britains last PM of the 1960’s?

6 What three colours are on the Australian flag?

7 What type of animal is found in a dish of ‘Bombay duck’?

8 How many sides does a hexagon have?

9 When was the GLC formed, 1955, 1960 or 1965?

10 On what sort of tree are dates found?