Community Right to Bid – Pollard Hatch

Despite the best efforts of the Harlow Alliance Party, the government appointed Inspector has decided that this area should remain on the Labour Party’s Local Plan as a site on which new homes will be built.


Back in November, with the support of 21 residents, Party Leader Nicholas Taylor made a Community Right to Bid to Harlow Council in respect of the garage site and green area behind the shops at Pollard Hatch. The Council had a deadline of eight weeks in which to respond and almost at the end of this period they have written back to say this application has been agreed and will be put on the Council’s register of such requests.

So what does this mean? Well if the Council ever decided to sell this land they MUST give the community the chance to buy or lease the land, which in effect means that it could never be built on. This is the sixth site to have been put on the Council’s register.

The Harlow Alliance Party believe the Council will never have the resources to build hundreds of council homes in the space of two or three years unless they sell off some of the sites identified in their Local Plan, hence the action the Party is taking now.

With the help of the Harlow Alliance Party, another three applications will be made in the coming weeks on behalf of residents living at Radburn Close, St Andrews Meadow and Barn Mead.