Consultation begins on “Getting around in the Garden Town”

The long awaited document outlining the proposed improvements to the transport infrastructure within Harlow has just been published and can be found HERE

The consultation period runs for 6 weeks, concluding at 5 pm om 13 March.

HAP are of the view that :

  • This is not really consultation but information.
  • It has been taken as read that all these developments around Harlow will take place, before any final decisions have been made.
  • It is likely that much of the work needed will be done after many thousands of homes have already been constructed, causing massive congestion on Harlow’s roads … just look at the delays at The Gates’ roundabout.
  • The document is dated 2019, so could have been consulted on a year ago.
  • Promises about a better and more extensive bus service really fall on deaf ears when you bear in mind the service residents in the town have had to put up with for years.
  • Very little has been done to consult with residents.

Please do complete the consultation at the end of the information provided by the Garden Town developers.