Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) Local Development Plan – December Update

What is set to be the final consultation exercise carried out by Epping Forest DC in respect of its Local Development Plan was concluded on 23 September.

The Council received 900 responses from residents, developers, other Councils and statutory bodies, far more than we believe they expected. As a result of this the Planning Inspector charged with looking at the Plan responded by saying that it would take some weeks to make his final response to the Plan.

Harlow Council made its objections to the building of homes around Harlow’s borders known to EFDC on the last day of the consultation, but it is our view that what they said was too little and some three years too late. Harlow Council have to date been a key player in the creation of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town, with the new homes to the South and West of Harlow forming an important part of the plan to turn Harlow into a city.

In the meantime, the Harlow Alliance Party has sent two letters to Michael Gove MP, supported by 700 residents who signed our petition, asking that he intervene in the local Plan process on the grounds that the lack of consultation with residents in Harlow, who of course are the most affected by some elements of the EFDC Plan, have not been consulted at any time during the last four years. At the time of writing we awaiting a response from the Minister.