Epping Forest District Council’s Local Plan update

Ms Louise Phillips MA MSc MRTPI the Government appointed independent Inspector of the Epping Forest District Council’s Local Plan published an interim report on 2 August.

The document runs to 21 pages in which she makes numerous observations and suggested changes which included what are known as “main modifications” to make the plan legally sound and the removal of sites which have been identified by the Council as ones on which new homes will be built in the next decade or so. The former will require consultation with residents and others before they can be finalised.

Whilst there is specific reference to the site to the East of Harlow and Latton Priory, both of which remain in the Plan, there is no mention of the plans for West Sumners and Katherines.

The full report can be found here, points 10 and 11 are of particular note:

Point 10 says “The Council’s modifications are again late and are controversial”. 

Point 11, The first sentence notes the lack of consultation and concerns about the infrastructure requirements.