Plans to expand Stansted Airport delayed by Uttlesford District Council

The decision made by Uttlesford District Council (UDC) on 28 June clearly demonstrates that a Political Party formed by local residents to represent the views of local residents really can make a difference.

Back in late 2018 Councillors at UDC decided to accept the recommendation of it’s officers and agree that the airport could significantly increase the number of passenger using the airport. A vote was taken when 5 Councillors agreed to the proposal and 5 objected, the final decision to proceed was made by the chairperson of the committee.

In May’s Local Elections, the Residents for you Party (R4U) swept the board, replacing the Conservative Councillors on the committee. With fresh evidence and a mandate from local residents the R4U Party reversed the earlier decision and undertook to consider new material evidence including the UK Carbon Net Zero 2050 Legislation.

The issue of airport capacity has been well documented in the national and local press for at least 3 decades. Despite quieter and cleaner aircraft, the inescapable fact is that aircraft are a major contributor of pollution and will never be anything but when compared to other forms of transport. The issue has been a political hot potatoe during this whole time, governments obsessed with growth in the economy have continued to ignore the airports damaging effect on the countryside, the loss of farm land and the health and well being of residents under or near flight paths.

R4U is just one of a growing number of examples where new local Parties are making a difference. The Harlow Alliance Party is working hard to ensure that residents in Harlow are given a choice as to how the town is managed in the future.