HAP submit petition to Michael Gove

23 September marked the last day that comments could be made about the minor modifications made by the Planning Inspector of the EFDC Plan that as it stands will see thousands of homes built just across the borders of Harlow.

The Planning Inspector indicated that she would not look at any comments other than about the minor changes she had made to the Plan, none of which affected the proposals to build on the Green Belt around Harlow.

In view of this the Harlow Alliance Party have delivered by hand a letter written to Michael Gove MP who is now leading the new Government Ministry, called the ‘Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ asking him to withdraw the EFDC Plan on the grounds that residents in Harlow have not been consulted at any stage during the long process to complete the Plan, despite the close proximity to many homes in the Town and indeed the effect the building of thousands of homes will have on those of us who live in the Town.

EFDC have chosen to ignore reports which show the rapid decline in the number of new households being created in the UK, the slow down in the increase in the country’s population, the consequences of the new immigration policy, the long-term effects from Covid and most recently the Climate Change Report of July 2021.

The simple truth is, the EFDC Plan is really about housing greed, not housing need. Those most in need will see little if any benefit from the building of homes on the Green Belt, not a single council home will be built and affordable homes will not really be affordable, whilst those of us already living here will see a huge increase in traffic on Harlow’s roads.

Nicholas Taylor Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party at the offices of The Ministry of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.