A letter sent to Epping Forest DC on 14 July and  to Harlow DC on 17 July by the Independent
What is it? This forms part of the Local Plans of Harlow DC (HDC), East Herts DC (EHDC) and Epping
One of the outcomes of the recent survey carried out by The Harlow Alliance Party was that the vast majority
Harlow Council’s Local Plan requires house builders to provide 30% of their new homes as ‘affordable'  in the hope that
Applications made by members of the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) and residents living across the town have now seen nine
Within days of the Residents Association at Waterhouse Moor hearing about their successful application to Harlow Council in respect of
With the help of The Harlow Alliance Party, The Residents Association at Waterhouse Moor have succesfully applied to Harlow Council
Assisted by the Harlow Alliance Party residents in Church Leys have successfully registered a Community Right to Bid (CRB) for
The latest CRB made on behalf of residents has seen the Council accept the application made in respect of the
The Harlow Alliance Party is reaching out to Harlow residents to get their views on issues around the town. Help