Council Zoom session lets residents see how they decide this years Council Tax
To reduce pollution Epping Forest District Council are considering a congestion charge for Epping Forest
The Harlow Council bid for funding to regenerate the town centre has failed.
Harlow Council will have little influence on the new Garden Town being built on its borders.
Harlow Council have agreed to adopt it’s Local Plan after many years in the making, during which time it had
The Local Plan of Epping Forest District Council will as it stands allow thousands of homes to be built to
The development company looking to redevelop the part of Harlow town centre which it owns has now commenced a public
You might have thought that having written only last month about Epping Forest DC (EFDC’s) response to the ONS predictions
Below is the letter that was recently sent by HAP to the Government Inspector of the EFDC plan. The Government
As part of the Trust's plans to build a brand new hospital on a greenfield site by 2025, they are